About Jennifer

Born and raised in Massachusetts, outdoor sports and my love to challenge myself physically have shaped my complete devotion and love for exercise and healthy living.  After suffering from a debilitating hip and back injury in 2008 caused by years of heavy endurance training and pounding on my body that caused muscle imbalances, lack of stability, and a host of other problems, I discovered Pilates and soon thereafter delved into the rigorous 500+hour teaching certification through Balanced Body University.  Since 2009, I have inspired, healed and educated both individuals and groups using the Pilates Method.

I am an avid athlete with an extensive background in a multitude of athletic disciplines including: CrossFit, triathlons, cycling, running, weight training, skiing, hiking, yoga, and the Brazilian martial art Capoeira.   I am a multi-time triathlon finisher, and an Ironman Triathlete, and have competed in all types of endurance events, including long and short course triathlons, duathlons, century bike rides, and multiple half marathons and 10k running races.

I am currently enjoying increasing my CrossFit skills and abilities, and have been focused on combining the tenants of CrossFit with my knowledge of core strength and body awareness.  It is truly powerful, and is inspiring me to see the power of the Pilates method in enhancing my abilities as a CrossFit athlete, and has reinvigorated my commitment to inspiring people to push themselves harder and transform their bodies, mentally and physically, through the Pilates Method and beyond.

I come to the Pilates Method from the perspective of an athlete and someone who has suffered from chronic pain.  I myself have experienced the benefits of using Pilates to rehabilitate my body and become pain-free, while at the same time experiencing its’ benefits as a tool for creating a strong, flexible, and lean body.  My goal when working with clients is to help clients to use all of the elements of the Pilates Method in their daily lives and in other activities, so that they can prevent future injuries and move with intelligence and total body awareness, no matter what their athletic or fitness goals are.

There is nothing more fulfilling than helping others change for the positive, and sharing this knowledge and skill with them, whether it’s taking away their back pain, making them stand and walk taller, or just making them smile about the progress they make; that to me is powerful. And that is why I’m committed to doing what I do.

Certifications and Training:

Balanced Body University Fully Certified Pilates Instructor
A Body of Work Advanced Reformer and Trapeze Table Workshops
CrossFit Level 2 Certified Trainer
CrossFit Mobility Trainer
The Outlaw Way Parabellum Series Three-Day CrossFit Training Camp
California Strength Full Day Olympic Lifting Seminar
Freestyle Connection Gymnastics Movement Seminar