I’ve been so fortunate to have Jennifer as my pilates instructor over the past 2 years. Having overtrained in other sports for years, my body was used to being tight and somewhat out of line. Jen has the expertise to diagnoses the trouble spots and in many ways, rehabilitate your body. She is great at explaining the reason behind every exercise and adapts it for every level, or if you have an injury. After mat classes and reformer work, I have never felt so healthy, and truly am in the best shape in years. Jennifer is friendly and completely invested in your personal success. She has a great way of keeping you motivated.


Pilates has helped me to regain and strengthen my core following disk herniation. It has helped me to be conscious of my posture throughout the day. Jennifer is great at making sure I am working the right muscle groups in the right way and has helped me to keep a healthy back.


I took pilates sessions with Jen for over a year and always looked forward to each week. I originally started pilates because my physical therapist thought it might be helpful to strengthen my arthritically degnerative knee problem. Jennifer developed sessions specifically to help with this problem as well as to help me get stronger in general. She was patient, encouraging, supportive and a lot of fun to work with. She never tried to make me do anything that I thought might not be helpful but she always ecouraged me to try as much as I could. I am stronger, have less pain and problems with my knee and feel so much better overall as a result of working with her. I would recommend taking pilates from her to anyone. She will help you work at the level appropriate for you and make a difference in your well being.