Femme Fit 2013 Recap: Why I Compete

On Saturday, August 10th I competed in the Femme Fit 2013 CrossFit Competition. The event was put on by CrossFit Sweatshop and held at the track at Alhambra High School in Martinez. 100 bad ass chicks competed in the event. The competition featured 5 total WODS. The WODS ranged from a super hilly trail run (in which most athletes, including myself, had a run in with a swarm of angry bees and got stung multiple times), to an Olympic Total, thrusters/box jumps/thrusters WOD, a 100m sprint, and a 100 pound sand bag carry with burpees and running. It was an awesome, long, and tiring day. I finished middle of the pack, which given the amount of high level athletes participating in the event and the amount of time I have been CrossFitting (1.5 years), I feel happy with. I love competing because it allows me to see how far I’ve come in my training and test my mental and physical limits, while at the same time allowing me to see how far I have yet to go. Just 11 months ago, I participated in a lifting competition in which my best snatch was 73 pounds. At Femme Fit, I easily hit a PR of 89 pounds. There is nothing like that feeling of hard work and determination and seeing it pay off. Competing is the ultimate test of my strengths and weaknesses. This is a feeling and an experience that you can never get in a class environment. In addition, it is great to get out and meet other like-minded folks in the CrossFit community in the Bay Area and be inspired by amazing athletes. Is it hard and grueling and tiring? Yes. Is it rewarding? Unbelievably so. Get out there and test yourself, see what you’re made of. I guarantee you won’t regret it.

Femme Fit Trail Run

Snatch PR

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