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Working on my pistols at the summit of Mt. Whitney!

Climbing Mt. Whitney, the tallest mountain in the contiguous USA!

Last week, I summited Mt. Whitney. Mt. Whitney is the tallest mountain in the lower 48 states, standing 14,497 feet! It was a feat two years in the making, having attempted to summit it last year unsuccessfully, making it 900 feet from the summit. It was extremely challenging and rewarding, and my success proves that […]

How NOT to Look Like a Modern Day Caveman: The Importance of Thoracic Mobility in CrossFit!

My latest weekly blog post for Telegraph CrossFit! Original blog entry can be found here: A few weeks back, I discussed the importance of being mobile and stabile in order to be strong. If you have reduced mobility in your ankles, hips, thoracic spine or shoulders, you are never going to maximize your lifting potential! […]

Mastering the Squat

Check out my latest blog post for Telegraph CrossFit! Original post can be found here. Mastering the Squat By: Jennifer Bearse According to CrossFit HQ trainer Pat Sherwood, the squat is a fundamental movement, and is a building block to every other movement in CrossFit. “Do this well and everything else you do will fall […]


The Importance of Mobility and Stability for Maximal Power and Strength!

I have started a weekly mobility blog for Telegraph CrossFit. Below is my first post! Find original post here: The Importance of Mobility and Stability for Maximal Power and Strength! By: Jennifer Bearse As CrossFit athletes we all love to focus on maximizing our Sport-Specific Skills, like mastering the clean, jerk, snatch, deadlifts, pull ups, […]

Pilates and the 5 Unchanging Elements of CrossFit 1

A few weeks ago, I attended the CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certification at NorCal CrossFit in San Jose. Not only was it very well run by some of the most awesome coaches in CrossFit and super inspiring, it also helped me to really see the synergies between CrossFit and Pilates that I have been exploring […]